About Us


Established in 1998, Hong Kong Youth Choir (HKYC) is an energetic choir in Hong Kong which has an inclusive repertoire from Baroque oratorios to Broadway musicals.  It also dedicates itself in championing local and Asian premieres of choral works by various composers.  Under the directorship of its five Music Director Laureates and the current Music Director Mr. Christopher Cheng, the choir has produced and performed an expansive repertoire, including no less than nine Hong Kong or Asian premieres of major contemporary choral works.

The choir has also collaborated with many leading local and overseas renowned musicians.  Notable previous performances include a complete Les Miserables with celebrated singers such as Sean Oliver, Apollo Wong and Carol Lin in December 2014, with a daring yet intellectual concert featuring Hong Kong composers’ work in early 2016.   Most recently, the choir reaches its new height by not just completing another Broadway concert in July 2016, but attended its first overseas tour, the 3rd Singapore International Choral Festival (SICF) in Aug 2016 with a champion achieved in the group of Musica Sacra.

Demonstrating its commitment to nourishing local musicians, the choir strives to promote new commissions and collaborations with local artists.  Currently, the resident composer and resident artist of the choir are Raymond Cheng and Alex Tam respectively.  In recognition of its contribution to serving the community with quality music, in December 2001, HKYC was featured in a 60-minute programme broadcast on RTHK Radio 4.  In December 2004, the choir was once again featured on RTHK 4 in a 60-minute programme of Christmas carols.  It has also been invited to perform at the annual Christmas Concert in the Park organized by RTHK Radio 4 from 2009 to 2011.

As a registered non-profit making charitable organization, the choir has participated in fund raising activities regularly for the benefit of other charitable organizations. With around 40 young, energetic and dedicated members, the choir will always strive for its best to enrich the cultural life of Hong Kong with quality music.

香港新青年合唱團成立於 1998 年,是香港最富生命力與創意的合唱團之一。合唱團曾演出的曲目包羅萬有,包括巴羅克神劇到百老匯音樂劇,尤以演出香港或亞洲首演的大型合唱作品見稱。在五位前音樂總監及現任音樂總監鄭智山的領導下,合唱團已在香港甚至亞洲首演至少九套大型合唱作品。

合唱團不斷與出色的本地或海外音樂家合作。早前重要的演出包括於2014年12月上演全套「孤星淚」,與著名獨唱家如Sean Oliver、黃日珩、連皓忻等合作,繼而於2016年1月上演一場大膽創新,卻又充滿睿智的香港作曲家作品音樂會。合唱團最近力創新天,除於2016年7月上演一場百老匯音樂會,更首次到海外演出,參與第三屆新加坡國際合唱節,並於聖樂組獲得冠軍。

合唱團深信本地音樂家需要機會,以及有義務推動現代音樂的創作和演出,因此合唱團設有駐團作曲家及駐團藝術家,分別為鄭凱聰及譚天樂。合唱團經過多年努力,其成績得到肯定。合唱團曾於 2001 年及 2004 年獲香港電台第 4 台邀請製作 60 分鐘節目。另外,合唱團更獲邀於香港電台第4台製作的 2009、2010及2011聖誕園林音樂會中演出。