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How to join HKYC?

Are you looking for a great time singing in a choir of vibrancy and innovations? The Hong Kong Youth Choir would like to hear from you. We welcome any one, who is 16-year- old or above, passionate about choral music.

香港新青年合唱團是香港最富生命力與創意的合唱團之一。 我們誠意邀請您成為香港新青年合唱團這個大家庭的成員,歡迎十六歲或以上人士參加。


Rehearsals are held usually on every Wednesday evening (except Public Holidays) from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Li Hall, St John’s Cathedral, Garden Road , Central (next to the Court of Final Appeal, behind the Cheung Kong Centre).




• We welcome any one passionate about choral music with basic knowledge in music theory, moderate sight-singing ability to come to auditions.  Prior vocal training or experience singing in a choir is not a must.
• Most important of all is your commitment.  This means consistently attending rehearsals and practicing a certain amount at home before weekly rehearsal.  Listening or singing along to CDs can be very helpful.
• We regularly hold auditions for those who are interested.  Applicants will be auditioned by the Music Director.

• 我們歡迎任何愛好合唱音樂,並對基本樂理常識及有一定視唱能力的朋友參加。申請者並不一定需要擁有合唱經驗或曾經接受聲樂訓練。
• 最重要的是你投入參與,包括經常出席練習以及在家自行練習和聆聽唱碟。
• 我們會定期舉行試音,由音樂總監主持。


Audition procedure

• Applicants interested in joining the choir will be invited to have an audition.
• On the audition day, you are required first to demonstrate your vocal range and ability. Then you are required to sing a short piece of solo music – The music you choose should be of sufficient artistry and aptitude capable of demonstrating the best quality of your voice and vocal techniques.  Lastly, you will be required to demonstrate your sight singing skill by reading and singing a short piece of music given to you on spot. You will be given a few minutes to prepare this sight singing test.
• Audition result will be related to you within a few days.

• 有興趣加入合唱團成為團員者將會被安排試音。
• 在試音當日,申請者首先是測試音域。然後,申請者需演唱一首自選歌曲。申請者所選唱的歌曲必須要能夠充分表現各下的歌唱技巧和藝術造詣。最後是視唱能力測試。申請者將即場獲派一首簡短的樂段,測試視唱能力。申請者將有數分鐘準備時間。
• 試音結果會在數日內通知申請者。


Subscription Fee for Full Members

• The subscription fee for a full member of the choir for each season (April-March) is $500.
• Members also pay for their scores, which will be supplied by the Choir.

• 正式合唱團成員的年費為$500 (每年4月1日起計)。
• 團員亦需自費購買樂譜。


How To Apply

• If you are interested in joining the choir, you can simply fill in the online application form.
• We endeavor to answer your application by email as soon as we can. But if you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, please kindly resend your application.
• If you have any questions, send an email to . We would love to hear from you!

• 我們誠邀你成為香港新青年合唱團這個大家庭的成員,只需填妥網上申請表即可。
• 我們會以電郵回覆每一份申請。如你在兩週內還未收到回覆,請再次遞交申請。
• 如有任何查詢,可發電郵給我們